Washington DC Internet Crime Attorney

Have you been charged with an internet crime in Washington DC?

Every day we all use multiple types of technology. Each of these different items makes our lives easier and allows us to accomplish tasks in record time. The largest driving force in this convenience is the internet. The internet connects people across the world and allows us to share information, images and songs across the air.

Unfortunately the rapid exchange of information can lead to surprising allegations of illegal activity and charges of internet crimes in Washington DC. The law relating to internet crimes changes almost as quickly as the technology involved and at KaiserDillon PLLC we stay on top of the developments in this area of law.

Prosecution of Washington DC internet crimes is the responsibility of the United States Attorneys Office in Washington DC, or the Department of Justice. These cases are often investigated by the FBI, making a fast response to any investigation or charge very important. The FBI dedicates considerable resources to the prosecution of these crimes and the only way to effectively defend your rights is to work with an attorney who is committed to understanding the ever-changing law.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we are committed to providing our clients with the comprehensive representation they deserve and have handled a number of Washington DC internet crime cases involving different allegations of illegal activity, including:

* Illegal use of Peer-to-Peer networks or filing sharing: On a daily basis an unknown number of people legally use peer-to-peer networks to share files and information across the globe. Unfortunately, people also use these services to share files illegally. This can sometimes lead to a federal law enforcement investigation related to illegal file sharing, copyright infringement and distribution of child pornography and obscenity.

* Identity theft: The FBI and other federal law enforcement is actively pursuing prosecution of individuals suspected of using the internet to fraudulently obtain personal information. Possession of personal information, use of another person’s personal information and distribution of personal information are all internet crimes regularly prosecuted by the FBI.

* Creation and use of viruses and malware: If you use a computer on a regular basis you know how frustrating and destructive viruses and malware can be. Because viruses can be used to gather personal information, illicit unearned payments and cause significant expense, the federal law enforcement investigates people suspected of creating and/or using viruses and malware.

Unfortunately people mistakenly assume that the penalties associated with Washington DC internet crimes are not serious because the alleged crime occurred over the internet. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you are convicted of an internet crime you may face high fines and extensive jail time in addition to requirements to pay restitution to the individuals affected by the criminal conduct.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we understand the seriousness of the crime you have been charged with and have the tech savvy necessary to defend your rights and will work to limit the impact this case has on your life. We offer no obligation consultations to all of our clients facing allegations of Washington DC internet crimes and encourage you to contact us at (202) 640-2850.