Washington DC Immigration Fraud Defense Attorney

When most people think of cases related to immigration law, the first thing they think of is people involved with the Border Patrol who have entered the US illegally. What you may not realize is immigration fraud cases in Washington DC actually often involve individuals that have entered the U.S. legally but are now being questioned about the validity of their applications. With its importance in national politics, immigration crimes are a continually developing area of law. At KaiserDillon PLLC we make a concerted effort to stay on top of the changes in the law to provide our clients with the accurate representation they deserve. Our goal is to keep families together.

Both Citizens and Non-Citizens Can Be Prosecuted For Immigration Fraud

At KaiserDillon PLLC we have represented both US citizens and non-citizens facing Washington DC immigration fraud charges. Immigration fraud cases can come up in a number of ways, including:

* Entering into a fake or shame marriage
* Lying on immigration forms
* Providing false information for the purposes of immigration sponsorship
* Illegal entry into the US
* Proving false assistance on immigration applications

We understand that an immigration fraud investigation can be particularly upsetting as they often involve the future of your family. At KaiserDillon PLLC we provide individuals with the representation they need to confirm their immigration status or the status of their loved ones. Our goal is to keep families together and minimize the impact a Washington DC immigration fraud case has on your life.

Business Owners Can Be Prosecuted Too

At KaiserDillon PLLC we are also familiar with the increased scrutiny US business owners are currently under as a result of the stepped up enforcement actions undertaken by the Department of Homeland Security, through the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) division.

Working with an attorney who understands how government investigations work is necessary to keep your business moving smoothly and avoid possible interruptions in your business operations. We offer a no nonsense approach to immigration fraud defense cases and understand that a number of situations can lead to an immigration fraud investigation in Washington DC. We are committed to resolving the issue as quickly as possible and letting you get on with your business.

Immigration Fraud is A Serious Charge

We encourage you to take a Washington DC immigration fraud investigation seriously whether you are facing it personally, as a spouse, as a family member, or as an employer. These cases have the potential to separate families and close down businesses. Unfortunately, if you are convicted of immigration fraud in Washington DC you may also face extensive prison time and costly fines.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we offer no obligation consultations to anyone facing Washington DC immigration fraud charges and can help you decide what your next step should be.

Please call us at (202) 640-2850 to discuss the specifics of your case.