Washington DC Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with embezzlement?

The crime of embezzlement is a criminal charge created to protect personal property from being wrongfully taken by the person entrusted with its use and/or protection.  More simply put, it is illegal for you to take someone else’s property and claim it is your own after they have given it to you to use or protect. At KaiserDillon PLLC we dedicate time to researching and understanding updates in law and have the experience you want when you are facing a Washington, DC embezzlement charge.

Washington DC embezzlement charges span a large range of situations including:

* Failing to return an item that was lent to you
* Using a company credit card to make personal purchases
* Vendor kickback agreements
* Ponzi schemes

While embezzlement does happen and current news stories are regularly filled with criminal investigations for misuse of funds, at KaiserDillon PLLC we understand that a number of situations can lead to an allegation of embezzlement in Washington DC. We also understand how embarrassed our clients can feel when accused of misuse of another person’s personal property or money. With that understanding we provide comprehensive representation to our clients, looking into possible defenses to an embezzlement charge and work to limit the impact the charge has on their lives.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the Washington DC embezzlement allegation we may be able to prove a number of things to defeat the charge.

* Maybe you didn’t intend to steal the item or money.
* Maybe you thought you were given the item and were allowed to do with it what you pleased.
* Maybe you were falsely accused and someone else within the organization is guilty of embezzlement

At KaiserDillon PLLC we understand that an allegation of embezzlement may have a negative impact on your life. We know that if the situation involved company property or funds that a mere allegation may prevent you from obtaining employment in the future. We are committed to exploring all possible defenses and working with you to ensure your name and record remains clear.

In addition to the personal consequences associated with an embezzlement allegation, a Washington DC embezzlement conviction can have very serious consequences. You may be forced to pay restitution to the victim, pay criminal court fees and may face time in custody. None of these possibilities should be taken lightly.

As you can see, embezzlement cases involve a complicated set of case specific facts and very serious personal and criminal consequences. Each case needs a personalized evaluation to determine the appropriate way to move forward with a defense.

We encourage you to get the legal representation you need to protect your personal life and career. At KaiserDillon PLLC we offer consultations to our clients facing investigations and charges for embezzlement in Washington, DC. We are happy to discuss the details of the situation you find yourself in and help you take the steps you need to preserve your name and freedom. Please call us at (202) 640-2850.