“Words can not really express how thankful I was to have Matt Kaiser as my attorney.

From the moment I met Matt he not only told me but showed me he was fighting for my life. Not passing judgment on me due my lack of good decision making. Not letting me feel like my past determined my future. But giving me a sense of hope in spite of my situation.

Matt I can not thank you enough for being by my side through the storm I went through, when so many others turned away from me.

Thank you for giving me a sense of hope and assurance that no matter what circumstances may come it will not determine my future and will give me strength to move forward and to learn from my mistakes and not to dwell on the things I can not change.”

"During my 36 months of Federal Supervised Release, the US Probation Office gave me nothing but problems. My probation officer was always trying to violate me or take me to court. The US Probation Office was out to get me, and I really thought I was going to end up back in prison – until I met Matt Kaiser. When I met Matt Kaiser, there was no question that he was extremely knowledgeable with the law, and he knew “the system” inside and out. He was able to answer all of my questions, and explain all of my legal options in depth. When Mr. Kaiser was in the courtroom, he commanded the respect of the judge and everyone else in the courtroom.

Matt went the extra mile for me, and it made all the difference. I believe that if it wasn’t for Mr. Kaiser’s diligent effort, and expertise, the system would have had its way with me, and my life would have been set back another year or more.”

- Rick C., Maryland