Should You Talk To Federal Law Enforcement?

Here's a short video on how to think about whether to talk to federal law enforcement.

Video Transcript:

Imagine law enforcement comes to you and wants to talk to you because you are under investigation.

Or because you might be under investigation.

In that situation, one question that I hear often is, should you talk to the Government? Should you talk to the FBI agent? Should you talk to the Secret Service agent?

You will feel tremendous pressure to talk to them. Law enforcement agents are trained at making you feel like you need to talk to them.

What I would encourage you to do is to step back for a second and think about this decision, the way you would think about any other decision in your life.

Imagine you're buying a car. If you go to the car lot, the used car salesman will make you feel tremendous pressure to buy the car. The reason the car salesman does that is because he wants you to buy the car. That’s how he makes money.

When you are in that situation at the used car lot, you think to yourself, “This guy is not looking out for me, this guy is looking out for him.”

Similarly, when you are talking to the law enforcement agents, look out for yourself. Agents make their living by making cases. They make their living by putting people in prison.

Often it's easier for them to do that work if you cooperate with them, if you tell them things that let them try to put you in prison.

So, I wouldn’t say don’t talk to the agents in every situation. I would say stop for a second, think for a second - is the person who is trying to talk to me looking out for my interests or looking out for someone else?

You should look out for what you need to do for you, look out for your own interests and make a decision about whether to talk to law enforcement based on that.