Maryland Health Care Fraud Charges

Have You Been Charged with Federal Health Care Fraud in Maryland?

Providing health care services to patients is an important service, unfortunately providing and being paid for health care in the United States is a complicated process for doctors, hospitals and other medical professionals.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we understand how complex health care legislation has become and with national attention drawn to the health care profession and increasing numbers of arrests made by the FBI, we understand the scrutiny our clients are facing when they become involved in a Maryland health care fraud investigation.  

Anyone in the medical profession can be subject to a Maryland health care fraud investigation including:

* Doctors
* Hospitals
* Medical billing and coding specialists
* Drug manufacturers
* Pharmacies

As a health care provider or medical professional in Maryland you are subject to some very strict standards if you wish to accept patients and bill Medicare and Medicaid. Many clients come to us concerned about their involvement in a Maryland healthcare fraud investigation after they have been accused of a number of things including:

* Paying kickbacks for patient referrals
* Upcoding services or items
* Submitting duplicate claims
* Providing excessive services
* Providing unnecessary services
* Submitting claims for patients that have received treatment
* Unbundling services to increase claim amount

Maryland health care fraud cases commonly involve violations of laws that prohibit doctors or medical providers from developing financial relationships with individuals who refer patients to them. It is important to remember that prohibited financial relationships can extend beyond cash transactions and can involve gifts, meals, trips or personal services. Unfortunately, any financial incentive can be considered a violation and at KaiserDillon PLLC we are ready and willing to defend our clients facing Maryland healthcare fraud investigations relating to the receipt of gifts or other financial benefits.

Most Maryland health care fraud investigations are initiated after an individual from within a medical practice or hospital alerts the FBI that illegal activity may be occurring. If the FBI has sufficient evidence from the whistleblower they will move forward with their investigation. As a result, it is important to determine what information the FBI has on the activities that were allegedly occurring within your medical practice in order to present a comprehensive defense to the Maryland health care fraud allegation you are facing.

While the FBI may initially lead the charge in their health care fraud investigation, they often partner with other agencies to aggressively pursue individuals they believe are involved in health care fraud schemes in Maryland.  Furthermore, the FBI rarely chooses to pursue investigations that do not involve a significant number of allegations of misconduct. The fact that the FBI is able to join man power and resources with a number of agencies makes obtaining aggressive and thorough legal representation even more important.

Without effective representation an investigation can easily become a charge of health fraud charge and can quickly become a conviction. If you are found guilty of health care fraud in Maryland you could be sentenced to many years in prison, be barred from ever providing services under Medicare or Medicaid and ultimately lose your medical practice.    

The knowledgeable and talented attorneys at KaiserDillon PLLC have experience representing doctors in health care fraud investigations and are available to answer your questions and provide you with a no obligation consultation. Do not sweep a potential investigation or charge of health care fraud in Maryland under the rug. Take the action necessary to protect your rights and your livelihood by calling KaiserDillon PLLC at (202) 640-2850 today.