Maryland Federal Real Estate Fraud Lawyer

The real estate market in the United States continues to be an important factor in the health of the nation’s economy. The collapse of the housing market did not spare a single aspect of American life. As a result, the government took a long hard look at the real estate market across the country and stepped up investigation and prosecution of real estate fraud cases.

In Maryland KaiserDillon PLLC is dedicated to understanding the developments in this area of law and provides comprehensive representation to individuals across the state facing Maryland real estate fraud charges.

Federal Real Estate Fraud Isn’t Limited to Banks

With the current media coverage most people assume that federal real estate fraud cases in Maryland are limited to the bank involvement in the current mortgage crisis. Unfortunately, the reality is that individuals across Maryland are being investigated by federal law enforcement and charged in federal court with criminal action as a result of their involvement in all aspects of the real estate market. Maryland real estate fraud cases can involve allegations of:

* Applicant Dishonesty: If you are accused of lying on a Mortgage application or other documentation supporting an application for a home loan you may face a criminal investigation for real estate fraud in Maryland. People have faced mortgage fraud investigations for providing false information about home ownership, income and assets on loan applications.

* Broker Dishonesty: As the mortgage industry has come under increased scrutiny, prosecutors have taken closer looks at the documents submitted by mortgage brokers to assist home buyers in obtaining mortgages. At KaiserDillon PLLC we have seen increased incidences of prosecutions for real estate fraud as a result of broker dishonesty in Maryland and across the country.

* Fraudulent activity on the part of real estate investors: Investors are being looked at for Maryland real estate fraud in a wide variety of situations but most often when the seller was at the risk of foreclosure at the time of the investment.

Unfortunately, Maryland real estate fraud cases can have some very serious consequences as they often involve allegations of other illegal activity including conspiracy to commit a crime and wire fraud. At KaiserDillon PLLC we understand that most Maryland real estate fraud cases involve multiple individuals and we have the experience needed to sort through complicated evidence and conflicting testimony with an eye towards presenting the most effective defense for our clients.  

In a Maryland real estate fraud case the government must prove that any misstatement or misrepresentation was “knowingly” made and that you intended to provide false information. Where appropriate, a large part of our defense will be to disprove the government’s assertion that you intentionally provided false information. We will put our knowledge and involvement in this ever developing field of real estate fraud to work for you.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we believe every person deserves personalized representation and as a result we offer no obligation consultations to anyone facing a Maryland real estate fraud charge. Please call us at (202) 640-2850 to discuss the specifics of your case.