Maryland Federal Child Pornography Charges

Have You Been Charged With A Federal Child Pornography Offense in Maryland?

When facing federal child pornography charges in Maryland you want an attorney who understands the law and is willing to stand up for your rights. The attorneys at KaiserDillon PLLC are educated litigators dedicated to minimizing the impact a federal child pornography charge in Maryland has on your life. We are not afraid of the uncomfortable cases and believe that every person deserves a defense that ensures that their rights are protected.

We have all seen or heard of recent cases where individuals are sentenced to long prison terms for possession, distribution and/or production of child pornography and understand that facing a federal investigation or charge in Maryland for child pornography can be extremely scary.  

Because of the social stigma associated with child pornography we know how important it is to you to minimize the impact of a Maryland child pornography investigation or charge. We understand that your family life, personal relationships and job may be negatively affected if the people around you are aware of the charges you are facing.  As your Maryland child pornography defense attorneys we will be in your corner throughout the entire process and will work vigorously to defend your rights.

Unfortunately, Maryland child pornography cases can be complicated and difficult to defend. The government generally does not bring charges until they have conducted a lengthy investigation and are confident that they have sufficient evidence of the crime to succeed at trial. Client’s facing federal child pornography charges may be charged with one or more of the following crimes:

* Possession of child pornography
* Distribution of child pornography
* Production of child pornography

Careful review of the government’s evidence against you in your Maryland child pornography case and utilization of evidence and law by your attorney often means the difference between moving on with your life and spending a significant period of your life behind bars.

Consequences in Federal Child Pornography Cases

In addition to the social issues that may arise as a result of a federal investigation or Maryland child pornography charge, individuals face stiff fines and mandatory sentences. For most Maryland child pornography charges the mandatory minimum sentence is 5 years imprisonment per count. That time can quickly add up if you are facing more than one charge and most Maryland child pornography cases involve dozens if not hundreds of charges.

If you are convicted of a federal child pornography charge in Maryland, after you are released from prison you will be forced comply with Maryland’s sex offender registration requirements. Unfortunately this means that your name and personal information will be available to the public via the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services’ website. As a result of the Maryland child pornography conviction you will also be limited in where you can live and may face a host of employment limitations as well.

Protecting your good name is our job. At KaiserDillon PLLC we understand the vulnerable position you are in and defend each of our clients to our fullest ability. You do not have to face such unnerving possibilities on your own. If you have been charged with a child pornography related offense in Maryland please contact us at (202) 640-2850 for a no obligation consultation.