Investigations of Federal Employees in Maryland

Many people have heard jokes about the benefits of being a federal government employee and how difficult it is to fire a federal employee. While it may be true that it is difficult to terminate a federal employee in certain circumstances, most people to do not realize that along with the perks of employment with the federal government there comes increased scrutiny by federal law enforcement.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we understand the increased scrutiny you or a loved one is facing as a federal employee in Maryland and we devote a considerable amount of time to working with federal employees facing investigations in Maryland.

Federal employees are subject to higher standards than most employees in the private sector. For a federal employee, something as simple as taking a sick day when you aren’t really sick can lead to a serious federal government investigation in Maryland or elsewhere. Federal employees can be  investigated in Maryland for accepting gifts from government contractors and using government resources (like gas cards or government vehicles) for personal gain.  Allegations of misconduct for federal employees can lead to both internal investigations and criminal proceedings. Because of the seriousness of these investigations we encourage you to speak with a talented and knowledgeable attorney as soon as you suspect you are subject to an investigation.

Administrative Investigations

Unfortunately, as a federal employee in Maryland, you may not know that you are being investigated for an inappropriate action or misconduct until the investigation is complete and they are being subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action can include:

* Suspension
* Financial penalties
* Termination

While every situation is different, you may be able to contest the proposed discipline and protect your good name.

Criminal Investigations

In addition to any internal disciplinary action the government may take as a result on an investigation in Maryland, you may also be subject to a criminal investigation. Initially these investigations occur alongside an administration investigation. After the initial fact finding is complete, investigations related to federal employee misconduct can be treated like any other federal criminal investigation and handled by the United States Attorney’s Office in United States District Court.

Sometimes federal employees do not realize the investigation involves a criminal component until they are arrested or taken in for questioning. If your employment investigation in Maryland has resulted in a criminal investigation, you need an experienced attorney immediately!

At KaiserDillon PLLCwe are committed to providing our clients with the comprehensive representation they need when facing a criminal investigation related to their work as a federal employee in Maryland. We understand how important it is to protect your reputation and maintain your employment. We will help you determine how to handle a criminal investigation and how to respond to your boss and co-workers if they ask about the investigation. We will work with you to minimize the impact the investigation has on your life.

We encourage you to contact us at (202) 640-2850 for a no obligation consultation, if you are facing a federal investigation related to your employment with the federal government in Maryland or elsewhere.