Federal Investigation of Government Contractors in Maryland

The abuse of government contracts has become large focal point in the national media since the 2008 elections. Continuing concerns about fraud, bribery and waste have led to the investigation of a number of government contractors in Maryland and across the country. At KaiserDillon PLLC we are committed to providing comprehensive and effective representation to individuals and businesses facing investigations in Maryland related to their work under government contracts. We understand an investigation can have serious consequences for your livelihood and will work with you minimize the impact of a federal investigation in Maryland.

Reasons for a Government Investigation

While every case handled by KaiserDillon PLLC is different, many clients find that they are part of a government investigation in Maryland related to one of the following charges:

* Fraud: Fraud allegations in government investigations often arise when there are questions about the qualifications of the contractor. Most often questions about experience, education or professional licenses lead to government contractor investigations related to fraud allegations.

* Bribery: Bribery allegations arise in government contractor investigations in Maryland when someone is accused of providing financial incentives to a government official in order to be selected for a contract. Bribery allegations are not limited to monetary payments but can include gifts, vacations and other types of financial gain.  

* Waste: Allegations of waste have become more publicized after the last two presidential elections. Recently there have been concerns from both parties about unnecessary spending on the part of government contractors in every state. These allegations have led to increased government prosecution of contractors in Maryland and across the country.  

* Abuse: Government contractors regularly find themselves under investigation in Maryland as a result of abuse allegations if they are suspected of using their power within the community to win a government contract.  

Consequences of Suspected Misconduct of a Government Contractor

In Maryland, many people mistakenly assume that if there is an issue with a contract or the government suspects there has been some sort of illegal activity associated with it, that the contract will be voided and the parties will just go along with their business. Unfortunately, if the government suspects there is an issue with a contract or contractor, an investigation will be initiated that could lead to a number of different consequences. These consequences include:

* The cancelation of the contract by the government
* Requiring the contractor to refund government payments
* The imposition of fines
* Administrative action prohibiting the contractor from working with state and local government in the future.
* Criminal prosecution including fines, fees and time in jail.

At KaiserDillon PLLC we know that allegations of misconduct can have a serious effect on your business and may affect your life and the lives of your employees.

We are committed to providing personalized legal representation to each of our clients facing an investigation as a government contractor in Maryland. Whenever possible, our goal is to work with you to stop the investigation before any action is taken or criminal charges are filed. If that is not possible we will use our understanding of the law to defend your rights and protect your livelihood. We offer consultations to all of our clients facing investigations in Maryland and are available at (202) 640-2850 to discuss your case.