Case Results

Here are selected results that I have obtained in past cases.

Please bear in mind that even if a case described here looks a lot like your case that does not mean that you will get same result as that case. Every case is different. Even similar cases will have a different prosecutor, a different judge, or different set of witnesses. The law is a human institution. The actual humans involved in the case matter.

While I can’t guarantee any specific result in your case, what these cases show is that if I am your lawyer I will give your case my all.

Here are some of the cases where giving my best has paid off.

“Not Guilty” Verdict In A Fraud Trial
I represented a former federal employee who was accused of defrauding the United States government. Looking at the government’s evidence, I was convinced that my client had made a mistake and was not guilty of fraud. I worked with an investigator to develop more evidence that it was only an innocent mistake, and not fraud. I met with the prosecutor and tried to convince him to drop the charges. The prosecutor wouldn’t listen. I filed pretrial motions to point out how implausible the government’s case was. The judge wouldn’t dismiss the case. Finally, we took the case to a jury trial. My client was acquitted by the jury on the second day of deliberation.

Case Dismissed By A Federal Prosecutor
I represented a man on a very serious federal weapons charge. Based on my investigation, it was clear that there were serious holes in the government’s case. I developed a presentation for the prosecutor and the law enforcement agent explaining that they were accusing an innocent man, and what was wrong with their evidence. Without a way to fix the government’s case, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the charges against my client.

Federal Employee Under Investigation Was Not Charged With A Crime
I represented a government employee who was under investigation from an Office of Inspector General. The OIG agent was serious about finding criminal wrongdoing. A prosecutor was already involved in the investigation. The case was based largely on a paper trail of documents that had already been given to the OIG agent. By focusing on the documents that the agent had already obtained, and finding and interviewing witnesses who could talk about how those documents were used and what they meant, I was able to make a presentation to the agent about the problems with his case. The agent dropped the criminal investigation.

Evidence Suppressed And Case Dismissed
I represented a man who was found with a gun and drugs in his car. He faced up to ten years in a federal prison. I fought to have the evidence suppressed. My client was pulled over when he accidentally drove to a secure government checkpoint. The government argued that he agreed to have his car searched by driving up to a secure gate. I presented evidence that he couldn’t have known that he was driving to a secure checkpoint, based on work with an investigator to learn what the area leading up to the checkpoint was like. Because he couldn’t have known he was driving to a secure checkpoint, he couldn’t have agreed to let his car be searched. The case went through three rounds of briefing and to two hours-long hearings. Finally, the United States District Judge suppressed the evidence, and, because the government had no evidence, the government was forced to dismiss the case.

Federal Employee Did Not Go To Prison
I represented a federal employee with a very challenging, and important, job. He was in a hard part of his life, and did not do his job. Instead, he made false statements that he had been doing his work when he had not. He was charged with a felony for making false statements. The government said that he had put innocent lives at risk and that he needed to go to prison for more than a year. I carefully analyzed the effects of his failure to do his job, and hired a leading expert in the field to analyze his work with me. The evidence that he had lied was overwhelming, but I did not want him to go to prison. We negotiated a plea agreement where the government would argue that he should go to prison, and I would argue that he should not. At a hearing that lasted late into the evening, I was able to convince the judge that my client had not put lives at risk and that he should not go to prison.

Student Found Not Guilty of Sexual Assault
I represented a student accused of sexually assaulting another student. No criminal charges were filed, rather, my client was accused in a university disciplinary proceeding. If convicted, he could have been expelled, and had his educational record permanently marked. The case went to a hearing. I presented evidence that undermined the testimony of two witnesses against my client – including the woman who said she was assaulted. Aside from my client, I had no other eyewitness who could offer testimony. Even though the standard of proof was whether it was more likely than not that my client had done what he was accused of – the lowest standard recognized in the law – the hearing committee found that my client was not guilty.

A Federal Judge Granted A Temporary Restraining Order To Keep A School From Disciplining My Client
I represented a college student who was accused of sexually assaulting another student. When I was hired, my client had already been convicted of the sexual assault in a school proceeding. His transcript was marked saying that he had been suspended, and a note was made in his educational permanent record saying why. He had the right to file an appeal in the school’s internal process, but we had only a week to file it. My investigator was able to gather substantial evidence that showed that my client was not guilty. We found text messages that showed that the complaining witness lied to the school’s hearing panel. This information was presented to the school in the appeal, but the school refused to give him a new hearing.

The day that my client was to be kicked out of school, we filed a lawsuit, and asked a federal judge to prevent him from being sent home. Based on the evidence we uncovered, and procedural errors in how the school handled the case, a federal judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order preventing the school from kicking out my client. Later, after a lengthy preliminary injunction hearing, the case settled.

Federal Contractor Who Compromised Government Data Avoided Prison
I represented a government contractor who accessed a government database as a part of her job. Unfortunately, she also accessed the database for other reasons. She compromised the integrity of a government operation by sharing government secrets with the person the government would least want to have them. After an intensive review of the evidence in the case – including looking at what was happening in my client’s life when the data was compromised – I had multiple conversations with the government. Finally, at the sentencing hearing for my client, the government recommended that she receive a sentence of probation.

What Former Clients Have Said

Here is what some of my clients have said about what it’s like to work with me.

“Words can not really express how thankful I was to have Matt Kaiser as my attorney. From the moment I met Matt he not only told me but showed me he was fighting for my life. Not passing judgment on me due my lack of good decision making. Not letting me feel like my past determined my future. But giving me a sense of hope in spite of my situation. Matt I cannot thank you enough for being by my side through the storm I went through, when so many others turned away from me. Thank you for giving me a sense of hope and assurance that no matter what circumstances may come it will not determine my future and will give me strength to move forward and to learn from my mistakes and not to dwell on the things I can not change.”

Trust Matt Kaiser.
If I ever again need legal services anywhere in the DC metro area, I'll call Matt. He knows his stuff. He puts in the time and effort to think through your case. He knows how to focus a case on the relevant facts and make smart, strategic decisions. He's an excellent lawyer. On top of that, he's also just a good decent human being who will treat you with understanding and respect. Top of the line. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

“Working with Matt Kaiser during the most difficult period of my life made my whole legal experience much more bearable. Not only did he bring his sharp mind and compassionate heart to our conversations, but also his great wit. Being able to laugh instead of cry, even while dealing with a heart-wrenching situation, allowed me to think more clearly about decisions I needed to make. His advice was always just right, both from a legal stand-point and from an understanding of human nature. I recommend Matt whole-heartedly.”

"During my 36 months of Federal Supervised Release, the US Probation Office gave me nothing but problems. My probation officer was always trying to violate me or take me to court. The US Probation Office was out to get me, and I really thought I was going to end up back in prison – until I met Matt Kaiser. When I met Matt Kaiser, there was no question that he was extremely knowledgeable with the law, and he knew “the system” inside and out. He was able to answer all of my questions, and explain all of my legal options in depth. When Mr. Kaiser was in the courtroom, he commanded the respect of the judge and everyone else in the courtroom.

Matt went the extra mile for me, and it made all the difference. I believe that if it wasn’t for Mr. Kaiser’s diligent effort, and expertise, the system would have had its way with me, and my life would have been set back another year or more.”

“Matthew Kaiser was very knowledgeable in with laws and statues that governed my case. He kept me informed throughout my ordeal and was very compassionate about getting me a good outcome. I would definitely recommend and would use him again if I needed to. He fought for me to the very end. I was very pleased.”