Bankruptcy Fraud

Information About Bankruptcy Fraud

There are a few different criminal charges that can arise out of a bankruptcy filing.

If you knowingly make a false statement on a bankruptcy filing, you can be accused of bankruptcy fraud.

It is a separate crime to knowingly conceal assets from the bankruptcy court, or a bankruptcy trustee, so that they will not be distributed to your creditors as a part of the bankruptcy plan.

Bankruptcy fraud is a unique kind of offense. In almost every case of bankruptcy fraud, the person who is accused of the crime was working closely with a lawyer to prepare his or her bankruptcy filings. Normally, that lawyer advises his client what they can and can’t do with their assets when they’ve filed for bankruptcy. The defense in a bankruptcy fraud case, for that reason, often starts with a look at the attorney who helped the person accused of a crime with his or her bankruptcy case to see if that can provide a defense.

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