Advice For People Facing Federal Criminal Charges

In this short video, federal criminal defense attorney Matt Kaiser offers the best advice he can give to someone caught up in the federal criminal justice system - other than that they should hire a lawyer.

A person who is under federal investigation, or facing federal charges, or has been convicted of a federal crime, ought to recognize that he or she is under tremendous stress. In this video, Matt explains one thing he thinks people in the federal criminal justice system should do to help with that stress.

Video Transcript:

I talk to a lot of people who were caught up in the Federal Criminal Justice System, people who are under investigation for having committed a federal crime, people who have been accused of a federal crime, people who have been convicted of a federal crime and need to appeal their sentence or deal with a sentence in hearing that’s coming up.

The best advice that I can give to anyone in that situation [aside from that you should hire a lawyer and work closely with that attorney] is that you need to recognize this is a difficult spot, recognize that this is a hard emotional place to be. What's happening is that your Government is saying you did something bad or a loved one of yours did something bad and needs to go to prison and be away from the family, be away from the community for a significant amount of time.

What this is going to do is just cause a cascade of emotions inside you and you should take care of yourself. Realize what's happening, realize how you are reacting to it and go talk to someone who can help, someone who has got the training and the experience to talk to you about how to deal with these feelings.

Find a therapist, go to a therapist, talk to a therapist.

If you do you will make better decisions about your case, you will get along better with the people who are around you and who you love and care about and the whole experience as bad as it will be will be just a little bit less bad if you take care of yourself, recognize what's happening and try to be more in control of yourself in this difficult situation.