The Kaiser Law Firm PLLC represents people who are caught in the federal criminal justice system.

We do this in three ways: we help people who are under investigation by the federal government; we help people who have been charged with a crime in federal court; and we help people who have been convicted in federal court and want to appeal their federal criminal conviction or sentence.

White-Collar Criminal Defense

We represent clients in white-collar criminal cases - indeed, the bulk of our government investigations or indicted criminal cases are white-collar cases. White-collar cases tend to be more complicated than other cases; the facts often turn on relatively complex financial issues or complicated questions of intent.

We find that in a typical white-collar case, the government has a longer period of investigation and has invested more resources in the case than in other kinds of cases, which can create a challenging dynamic.

If you'd like more information about white-collar criminal defense, please visit our information page about white-collar cases.

Government Investigations

First, we represent people – and some small companies – in government investigations. The federal government has broad powers to investigate people. The government spends millions of dollars investigating people every year, using the FBI, the Secret Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and an Office of Inspector General in just about every federal agency.

We have represented people who are merely witnesses in an investigation and we have represented people with substantial risk of criminal prosecution.

Many of our clients in government investigations are federal employees or federal contractors. Because the federal government has so many OIG – or Office of Inspector General – resources in federal agencies, we find that people or companies that interact with the federal government are more often investigated than people who work in private industry.

Federal Criminal Defense

Second, we represent people who have been charged with federal crimes. Federal criminal procedure can be very different than criminal cases in state court. We have substantial experience helping people facing federal criminal charges.

We have experience representing people at trial and people who want to explore an agreement with the government to plead guilty.

We’ve represented people accused of a wide variety of crimes. Our former clients have been charged with wire fraud, securities fraud, mail fraud, criminal copyright violations, commodities trading offenses, weapons charges, many different kinds of federal conspiracies, drug charges, export control violations, federal child pornography offenses, computer access device charges and other federal crimes.

We pride ourselves on giving each client’s case – and each client – significant attention and care.

Federal Criminal Appeals

Third, we represent people in federal criminal appeals.

Federal criminal practice can be an arcane area of the law – we spend a significant amount of time studying federal criminal cases to help our clients. Indeed, Matt Kaiser, our founding attorney, runs a blog which is widely read about changes in the law as they relate to federal criminal appeals, The Federal Criminal Appeals Blog. A number of attorneys who practice federal criminal law around the country read The Federal Criminal Appeals Blog to help stay up to date on the law.

Other Areas of Practice

In addition to our criminal practice, we help small businesses and individuals with other kinds of problems. For more information about this part of our firm’s practice, please visit our main firm webpage.

Our lawyers have exceptional credentials and offer the highest quality of representation. We have worked in government and at some of the most prestigious law firms in the nation. We combine that big firm experience with the faster, nimbler footprint of a small firm to provide first-rate hands-on representation. We have experience in the courtroom and the conference room - we aren't afraid to fight for your case wherever it needs to be fought.

If you need an attorney because of a federal criminal investigation or federal criminal case, please call us. Our phone number is (202) 640-2850.


People who hire a lawyer ought to be able to get their questions answered. They should have a lawyer who returns their phone calls promptly. Our clients do.


We listen to our clients to find out what matters to them. We see what's important in a case - and what isn't - and we relentlessly focus on getting where our clients want to go.


We work on each client's legal problem until we understand it and have explored every viable option. Our clients’ problems are too important for anything less.


Our clients often come to us because of a situation that they aren't proud of. We don't judge. We find the best way forward so our clients can move on as quickly as possible to a better day.


The best solution isn’t always obvious. And what’s obvious isn’t always right. We have the vision to find an option that may not appear at first blush.


We’ve helped clients in state courts and federal courts and in trials and appeals. Our lawyers have worked in the government and in large law firms. We have the background and experience.

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